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Please stay tuned for the very latest in cool research across different markets. We will bring you the current cutting edge stories and projects that are currently being produced or are in the conception stage.

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So lets see what is happening:

Where Could Ebola Strike Next? Scientists Hunt Virus In Asia
The Ebola Hunters: Where do they search next?
One More Reason To Reach For A Paper Book Before Bed
If you want to sleep ditch the eBook reader and get a real paperback book.
Fake bar part of research into anti-drinking drug
The bar is fake but the research on anti-drinking drug is very real.

AskAJeeper Researches, Reviews, and Installs Jeep Parts

There are some sites you come across that really try and research products and help consumers to make informed choices on their purchases. AskAJeeper is such a site for Jeep owners. AskAJeeper researches Jeep parts and offers reviews on them. Currently they are working on a Jeep Wrangler JK as pictured below. Each review is offered from a perspective of a Jeep owner and with most products installed on their own Jeep you can get an idea of how it will work on yours.

Yellow Jeep JK

Now while a lot of sites we profile on here are pure research facilities, or mainly develop their own products through research internally, we feel compelled to bring you other sites that research products. So often we buy products and other things based on friends or advertising.

We forget real product reviews where we can see the product in action or installed. These reviews are important in making an informed decision. Any research on a product helps you make a better choice. So if you have a Jeep Wrangler JK and you are looking for parts, check out a site that researches those parts and imparts honest reviews on them.


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